Regulatory & Compliance

WHSO has an unparalleled understanding of the intricacies and processes of Ghana’s regulatory agencies and requirements not only to develop a successful strategy, but also to follow through with the submission process and act as a liaison with regulatory agencies as required.

From regulatory compliance audits, to consulting on the latest ILO, OSHA or HSE guidelines, to legal register preparation, our regulatory compliance services are backed by our expert HSE experience.

Regulatory compliance services from WHSO will make it easier for you to improve the safety at your workplace, help you remain compliant and give you the confidence to know you are operating at the top of current standards. Our Regulatory and Compliance Services focus on helping you address regulatory requirements pertinent to your business activities and strategic objectives in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

We provide a wide range of services to organizations in regulated industries who proactively seek to promote compliance standards, educate their workforce and detect potential violations. We also assist clients in addressing identified compliance issues, interacting with regulatory authorities, and responding to inquiries, investigations and other regulatory actions.

WHSO consultants provide a powerful resource of information and insight on local regulatory matters, including industry and regulatory specialists with expertise to help companies manage the complexity and convergence of rapidly increasing new regulation in Nigeria and various applicable African markets. We combine the strength of our nationwide network of experienced risk, regulatory and industry professionals, including a deep roster of former regulators, industry specialists and business advisers with a rich understanding of how multiple and converging regulations affect business.

Our compliance services includes the following but not limited to:

• We will prepare a comprehensive documentation and legal compliance register for all necessary and applicable laws to ensure you are adequately informed of all the local laws as well as best international accepted practices, which is the first step for compliance. 

• We will conduct a thorough regulatory and compliance audit and assessment to provide an independent, reliable and critical view on the areas you are or not in compliance with.

• We will design regulatory and compliance strategies to meet all local regulatory requirements and 

   pre-empt regulatory concerns in one or multiple jurisdictions. 

• We will develop regulatory monitoring programs to ensure that all areas of your operation and hired

   contractors operations remain compliant in changing regulatory climates.

• We will proactively help our clients get all permits necessary for your projects.

• We will liaise with regulatory agencies, including facilitating meetings and providing independent, third party critical advice on and responses to regulatory issues.

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