WHSO Ghana is a respected and trusted provider of health, safety, environmental and quality management training and consultancy services to a wide range of markets in Ghana and West Africa, including mining, building and construction, telecommunications, oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, aviation, automotive, shipping and logistics, food processing, engineering and government. WHSO is the leader in the Ghanaian market. WHSO provides a blend of global and industry accepted and recognized solutions, local knowledge, globally respected and knowledgeable partners, leadership and technical excellence in delivering cost-effective, risk and liability reducing, reliable, up-to-date and efficient – ​​adding real business value.

The scope and scale of this aspiration brings together engineers, HSE experts and trainers, scientists, planners, program, cost and construction managers. It partners us with public sector clients at all levels and private sector clients across all sectors. We work at all scales, from small-scale manufacturing equipment that requires basic risk assessment guidance, to a large-scale, high-risk processing or power generation plant that requires training, management systems and HSE expert advice, to a heavy construction and infrastructure project that needs a highly technical and experienced team to completely manage HSE during the entire project or provide advice, expert advice and support.

In all your dealings with WHSO, you will benefit from friendly professionalism backed by expert technical knowledge and extensive practical experience. Workplace health and safety and environmental management are areas where knowledge and experience really matter, so you know you’ll be in good hands with WHSO.

Across our spectrum of expertise, we make the connections for each client that best serve their immediate purpose while fulfilling our common purpose.

Partner with us and together let’s improve sustainability and ensure every job in the workplace is done the right way, safely, always.