On April 26th, 2024, the WHSO Occupational Health & Safety Conference took place, drawing professionals and enthusiasts alike to explore the crucial theme: “Navigating the Heat: Protecting Workers in a Warming World.”

This insightful event featured an impressive lineup of panelists and a dynamic moderator, all committed to addressing the pressing challenges posed by climate change in the workplace.


Nicholas Kofi Gbordzor – Safety Manager at Tullow Ghana Ltd
Dr. Ewuradjoa Kankam-Yeboah – HSE Consultant
Mr. Paul Ackah – HSE Consultant


Dr. David Arku – Chair of IOSH-Ghana


The conference commenced at 10:00 am with a warm welcome from the esteemed Dr. David Arku, who set the stage for a day filled with expert insights and lively discussions. Dr. Arku’s extensive experience and engaging demeanor ensured a smooth and engaging flow throughout the sessions.

Key Highlights
Expert Insights on Climate Adaptation:
The panelists shared their wealth of knowledge on adapting occupational health and safety practices to a rapidly changing climate. Nicholas Kofi Gbordzor emphasized the importance of proactive safety measures in industries particularly vulnerable to extreme weather conditions.

Health Implications of Heat Exposure:
Dr. Ewuradjoa Kankam-Yeboah captivated the audience with her comprehensive analysis of the health implications of heat exposure. She stressed the need for stringent monitoring and the implementation of health surveillance systems to safeguard workers’ well-being.

Innovative Safety Strategies:
Mr. Paul Ackah introduced innovative strategies for enhancing workplace safety. His focus on integrating new technologies and data-driven approaches resonated strongly with attendees, highlighting the future direction of occupational safety in the context of climate change.

The conference facilitated engaging discussions, allowing participants to share their experiences and challenges in implementing effective health and safety measures. The interactive sessions provided a platform for exchanging ideas and best practices, fostering a collaborative environment that extended beyond the conference room.

The WHSO Occupational Health & Safety Conference ’24 was a resounding success, leaving attendees inspired and equipped with actionable insights to navigate the complexities of protecting workers in a warming world. The dedication and expertise of the panelists, coupled with the seamless moderation by Dr. David Arku, made this event a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to enhance workplace safety amidst climate challenges.

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