IOSH Courses (Institute of Occupational Safety and Health)

a) Managing Safely (MS)

This course aims to introduce managers at all levels to the different aspects of managing safety and health in the workplace.

What you will study

• Safety Management Principles
• Assessing and Controlling Risks
• Understanding Management Responsibility for Health and Safety
• Identifying Hazards
• Investigating Accidents and Incidents
• Measuring Performance
• Protecting our Environment

Recommended hours of study: 40 hours

The assessment consists of multiple choice and short answer questions as well as a short project.

b) Working Safely

This course is aimed at all employees and is designed to improve the safety culture within an organisation. It focuses on how individual actions contribute to health and safety in the workplace.

What you will study

• Introducing Working Safely
• Defining Hazards, Risk and Control
• Identifying Common Hazards
• Improving Safety Performance
• Environmental Awareness

Recommended hours of study: 10 hours

IOSH Working Safely is assessed by a multiple choice exam and a series of short hazard spotting exercises.