International Fire Certificate will teach you how to carry out fire risk assessments and identify the range of protective and preventive measures you need to minimise the risk of fire. This course is designed for anyone with fire safety responsibilities in the workplace and is suitable for:

• Managers, supervisors, employee representatives

• Those with fire safety responsibilities

• Those looking to take on fire safety advisory roles

What you will study

Unit IGC1: Management of International Health and Safety

• Foundations in Health and Safety

• Health and Safety Management Systems 1 – Policy

• Health and Safety Management Systems 2 – Organising

• Health and Safety Management Systems 3 – Planning

• Health and Safety Management Systems 4 – Measuring, Audit and Review

Unit IFC1: International Fire Safety and Risk Management

• Managing Fire Safety

• Principles of Fire and Explosion

• Causes and Prevention of Fires

• Fire Protection in Buildings

• Safety of People in the Event of a Fire

• Fire Safety Risk Assessment

Unit IFC2: Fire Safety Practical Application

• The completion of a fire safety risk assessment of a workplace


The NEBOSH International Fire Certificate is widely respected by employers worldwide; holders are entitled to apply for Associate Membership of Institution of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) and it meets the academic requirements for Technician Membership of IOSH (Tech IOSH) and Associate Membership of International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (AIIRSM).


There are no entry requirements for this qualification. The standard of English required by students studying for the NEBOSH International Certificate must be such that they can both understand and articulate the concepts contained in the syllabus. Reasonable adjustments (for exam) can be made for students with average proficiency in English or students who do not speak English as their first language.

Participants who have already taken the NEBOSH International General Certificate Unit IGC1 will be exempted from this unit and only undergo training and exams for Units IFC1/2.


10 Days (includes exam)


*Please check our 2016 classroom courses calendar for available training locations, course and exam dates.


*Please contact us for current prices as well as special discounts for individuals, corporate clients and students. Earlybird prices also available! 


The assessment consists of 2-hr examinations for Units IGC1/IFC1 and a practical fire risk assessment of a workplace for IFC2. NEBOSH exams are available in Lagos, Port-Harcourt and Abuja, Nigeria.

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